Empowering you to reclaim your self-worth and create a life of joy, connection and purpose.

Hi, I'm Heather a Certified Health and Life Coach, Certified Trauma Informed Coach, Somatic Coach and Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher and I empower people to reclaim their self-worth and create a life of joy, connection and purpose.

If you feeling lost or stuck in your life, overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, existing in survival mode and are ready to start living the life you were meant to live, with more energy and joy, I can help.


My areas of specialism include: stress, burnout, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem and confidence, boundaries, eating disorders, disordered eating, perimenopause, menopause, gut health.

Why Trauma Informed?

Trauma is not what happened, not the event itself,  but a natural response to something that is overwhelming. Most of us will have experienced something or a series of events in our lives that were too much. Or sometimes it is not too much of something but a lack of something, something that should have happened that didn't. The effects of trauma can impact our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Trauma can leave us disconnected from ourselves and make it difficult to form connections with others.

You don't have to have experienced trauma to benefit from trauma informed coaching.

My Unique Approach

My Signature Foundational Pillars

  • Nourishing and nurturing mind, body and soul.
  • Mind-Body Connection.
  • Emotional Regulation.
  • Nervous System Regulation.
  • Living in harmony with nature.


My Signature 1 to 1 Coaching Package - Reclaim Your Self

We all experience circumstances or times win our life where we feel lost or stuck. Lots of things can lead us to feel we have lost our self, who we are, that could be any change in circumstance or life transition such as having children, or children growing up, or the menopause. It might be a period of stress or grief. It might be an illness or the end of a relationship. Or sometimes we maybe don't feel a strong connection to our sense of self, we weren't in the right environment for it to develop. Or maybe after years of putting other people's needs first we forgot who we are, we lost touch with our sense of self.

When we rediscover who we are we can learn to trust our self, to accept our self. We can learn to develop self-worth and self-love.

Bespoke support, guidance and accountability for your unique journey of self-discovery to come home to YOU and Reclaim Your Self.

3 Month Package

12 x 60 minute bespoke coaching sessions

£1197 pay in full.

£399 x 3 monthly payments

Empower Hour

Get clarity on your vision.

Rewire limiting beliefs, thoughts patterns and behaviours that may have been holding you pack.

Create action steps and practices to take you forward.



Coming Soon - Mindfulness Online Group Course £66

Interested In One To One Coaching - Book A Complimentary No Obligation Discovery Call To Find Out More.