About Me

I am now embracing life with energy, spirit, resilience and love.

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But it hasn't always been that way. I have been where you are and now my life is very different from what it was and I am passionate about empowering others to transform their lives. Working with clients and seeing things shift for them absolutely lights me up.

My journey started after a career transition from Specialist Nurse to becoming a Certified Coach led me on a path of health and healing, self-discovery, personal growth and transformation. I discovered the power of coaching personally and in the clients I worked with. I saw the difference lifestyle, behaviour change and integrating the different approaches of mind-body practices, emotional regulation, nervous system regulation made to myself and my clients.





What is it like to work with me?

In my work with my clients I integrate different approaches from my experiences and training. Everything is connected - our health and life, work, relationships, our mind and body, nature. I believe the more we reconnect with ourselves, the more we reconnect our mind and body the more we can build our resilience and enhance our energy.







"For the last 12 weeks, Heather has been a supportive mentor, she has guided and helped me gain knowledge and skills, so that I can achieve my goals to feel more confident, healthier and happier person. My energy levels and health have been transformed and I feel so much better. I feel more aware and now setting myself new challenges. I may slip backwards slightly, but that's okay as I have been given the tools to recognise this and am feeling in control."

Jackie - Private Client

"Acknowledging when change is needed in life order to bring about positive change and break out of unhealthy habits is so important. With the help of Heather, this process was made an easy and fun one and I have enjoyed every step of my journey that has got me to where I am now."

Esme - Private Client

Certifications and Professional Memberships

  • BHC Seal
    Certified Health Coach – Health Coach Institute
  • BLC
    Certified Life Coach – Health Coach Institute
  • MYS
    Master Your Stress: Find the Calm Within - Health Coach Institute
  • AdvancedTCM-Seal
    Transformational Coach - Health Coach Institute
  • AdvancedTCM-Seal
    Mastery Coach - Health Coach Institute
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate - The Embody Lab
  • RL3T6XaF9aGZT.img
    Certified Trauma Informed Coach - Moving The Human Spirit
  • MyMT-Cert-Badges-Health-Coach-Course-Gold
    An Introduction To The Science Of Menopause For Health Coaches - My Menopause Transformation

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