The Importance Of Self-Worth And How To Cultivate It.

The Importance Of Self-Worth And How To Cultivate It.

Have you ever considered your sense of self-worth?

Although most people struggle with their sense of self-worth, we don’t always go around thinking we are not worthy. It might show up in our behaviours, in our thoughts and emotions, in the way we take care of ourselves. It might show up as imposter syndrome, as not going after what we really want, as not being happy in our bodies, as not fulfilling our potential, in our physical or mental health.

Why is self-worth important?

Our sense of self-worth impacts our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It impacts every area of our life – our work, our relationships, how we interact with others, how we feel about ourselves, our behaviours.

If we don’t feel worthy of health – physical, mental or emotional we won’t consistently do the things we need to do to take care of our health and wellbeing like eat nourishing food, being active, prioritising rest and sleep. We may be able to sustain these things for a while but not long-term, maybe when we start to feel the benefits of taking care of ourself it will feel uncomfortable because deep down we don’t feel worthy of feeling good so we stop taking care of ourselves so well. Or maybe there is a resistance to starting to take care of ourselves better because deep down we don’t feel worth taking care of.

Our sense of self-worth can affect our performance at work or in our business, either we don’t feel worthy of being in the position we are in so we don’t perform at our best or we don’t feel worthy of going after that promotion or starting that business we have always wanted to do.

Our sense of self-worth can affect the kind of relationships we have and how we are relationships.

Our sense of self-worth affects everything.

Sometimes we go after things thinking they will make us feel worthy – the job, the title, the home, the car, the processions, the dress size, the number on the scales, the number of followers on social media, the salary, etc. But these things although they may make us feel good initially, that feeling is just fleeting, sooner or later to be replaced by a lack of fulfilment if we do not feel worthy of having these things. We are not worthy because of any of these things, our sense of self-worth comes from within.

When we have a strong sense of self-worth it is not dependent upon external factors, it does not dissolve because of something outside of us has happened. Having a strong sense of self-worth is a foundation to our resilience.

But what affects our sense of self-worth?

We come into this world worthy, but over time different things occur that can affect our sense of self-worth and our core beliefs about ourself. Our experiences and interactions as we grow up and into adulthood all play a part in how we feel about ourselves. It may be from a standard someone else has set for us or messages we pick up unconsciously from the world around us.

How can we cultivate our sense of self-worth?

Because our sense of self-worth comes from within it takes inner work to cultivate a sense of self-worth. We can start by being aware of our sense of self-worth and how it impacts us.

We can recognise where the beliefs about our worth have come from, this can be challenging sometimes and this is something a coach or therapist can help with.

Doing things that we feel we are good at can help support our self-worth through reinforcing our belief in ourselves as competent and capable.

Stretching ourselves a little bit outside our comfort zone by trying new things can build our sense of self-confidence, self-trust and self-worth.

We can challenge any negative thoughts we have about ourselves, remembering thoughts are not facts and can be distorted by many things including our stress levels, how much sleep we have had, our health, etc. We can also try reframing any negative thoughts with more positive ones.

We can also seek support from a coach or therapist if it is impacting our quality of life.

We are all worthy, just as we are, we do not need to do more, have more, be more.

If you would like to find out more about working with me to cultivate your sense of self-worth, do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.


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