What is health?

What is health?

What does health mean to you? It is a term frequently used and there are various definitions, but have you ever thought about what it means to you?

To some it is the absence of disease, being physically fit. Being of sound mind, body and spirit – a positive concept of wholeness. Some newer definitions suggest a capacity to adapt to changing external and internal circumstances.

Health is associated with many aspects of our lives – nutrition, exercise or activity, physical fitness, sleep, emotional wellbeing, mental health, career, relationships, home life, wealth, social life, connections and spirituality.

I believe health involves the whole person and what’s going on around them, also referred to as holistic health, it is an ancient approach to life and emphasizes the connection to mind, body and spirit. We cannot look at one part of us in isolation, we need to consider the whole of us. If one part is out of kilter it has a knock-on effect on the rest of us. Everything is connected. To be healthy we need to nourish all of us.

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